Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tintin by Spielberg

Spielberg has brought Tintin on animation. It is a cause for both excitement and apprehension - not necessarily a bad condition.
Spielberg is a Modern Master and his association will make things interesting. Indiana Jones and Tintin are soul-mates. And if we assume that last Indian Jones was never made, Tintin’s arrival in Hollywood augurs well.
The Film’s team promises to bring the ‘Tintinish quality’ in its screen attempt. They are using ‘performance capture’ technique- an updated version of PolAdd Imagear Express. Spielberg is at pains to assure that results convey the real spirit and feel of the comics. It is to be seen. He should be very careful as feelings bordering the religious fanaticism are involved and any sacrilege will be reacted against brutally.
Godspeed to his efforts in taking one of the most enduring cultural icon from the Comic Pages forward.
Excellent round up by Time magazine can be seen at

-Dhiraj Singh

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