Monday, September 26, 2011

Inspector Lewis continues

In the BBC crime series world, Oxford was granted second shot at having mythical law officer. Lewis stepped confidently in the shoes of Inspector Morse. World weary charms of Morse (played with poignant subtlety by John Thaw) found easy transition in Kevin Wheatley. This seemed improbable when Morse was alive. Lewis was anti thesis of cognitive, irascible oxford educated, Wagner listening, real ale drinking Morse. He was simple, but emotionally mature and competent at his work. He treated overbearing and condescending overtures of his master with grace and humour. He was surefooted enough to recognize detective genius in Morse and feel comfortable in contributing to it. He gave Morse's character a solidity that was not easy for the senior detective on his own.
The series scores with strong plots, good acting and charming solidity of the main duo. Liked the link below

Booktalk & More: Inspector Lewis continues tomorrow!

-Dhiraj Singh

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